The Expanded Perception and Interaction Centre (EPICentre)


Leadership Team

Tomasz Bednarz, Director and Head of Visualisation at the Expanded Perception & Interaction Centre; Team Leader (Visual Analytics) at CSIRO’s Data61

Director of Infrastructure
Luc Betbeder-Matibet, Director of Research Technology Services for UNSW; Director of Infrastructure at the EPICentre; Visiting Scientist at CSIRO’s Data61

EPICentre’s Staff

Academic Staff
Dr Cameron Edmond
, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Rowan Hughes, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Professional Staff
Doug Kidd, Lead Hardware Engineer and Facility Manager
Conan Bourke, Lead Software Engineer HEVS
Robert Lawther, Lead Software Engineer
Dominic Branchaud, Senior Software Engineer

Current Students

Ryan Anthony De Belen, PhD Candidate ADA
Eva Nolan, PhD Candidate ADA
Oliver Lock, PhD Candidate (Scientia) ADA
Rukshani Somarathna Rambe Durayalage, PhD Candidate CSE
Chunnan (Nan) Zheng, PhD Candidate (Scientia) ADA
Lina Phaijit, PhD Candidate CSE
Benjamin Sho, Honours Student CSE
Yunyi (Jason) Zhu, Honours Student
Yinhao Xu, Vacation Scholar Data61

EPICentre Fellows

Prof Aaron Quigley, Head of School for UNSW’s of Computer Science and Engineering
Prof David Waite, UNSW Engineering
Prof Sisi Zlatanova, Head of GRID, ADA
Prof Lemuria Carter, Head of School, Information Systems and Technology Management
Prof Travis Waller, Head of School, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Prof Mari Velonaki, Director of CRL, ADA
Dr John Lock, Head of the Cancer Systems Microscopy, UNSW Medicine
Prof Claude Sammut, UNSW CSE
Dr Wafa Johal, UNSW CSE
Danielle Neale, UNSW Entrepreneur in Residence
Dr Yuan Wang, Head to Torch, UNSW KE
Prof Chris Pettit, UNSW ADA
Scientia Prof Dennis Del Favero (ARC Laureate Fellow), UNSW ADA
Dr Gelareh Mohammadi, UNSW CSE
Prof Sowmya Arcot, UNSW CSE
Prof Michael Barlow, Head of School, Engineering and IT, UNSW ADFA
Prof Jennifer Biddle, UNSW ADA
Dr Teresa Crea, UNSW ADA
Prof Scott A Sisson, Director Data Science Hub, UNSW Faculty of Science
Prof Sean O’Donoghue, UNSW and Garvan Institute
Dr Eduardo Benitez Sandoval, UNSW ADA

EPICentre Visiting Fellows

Dr Deborah Lawler-Dormer, MAAS
Dr Mashhuda Glencross, UQ
Dr Phil Gough, University of Sydney
Prof Sarah Kenderdine, EPFL, Switzerland
Dr Huyen Nguyen, University of Paris Saclay, France
A/Prof Haifeng Shen, Australian Catholic University
Prof Bruce Thomas, University of South Australia
Dr Quang Vinh Nguyen, Western Sydney University